Local Context, Local Story

明日香健輔(Kensuke Asuka) / 阿東文庫
三浦大紀(Daiki Miura) / GOつくる大学 
益田文和(Fumikazu Masuda)/ 株式会社オープンハウス 
中脇健児(Kenji Nakawaki) / 場とコトLAB(モデレーター)

Last but not least, we are talking about the role of people, community, neighborhood, society, etc. in order to weave a story. Each of the speakers in this session already had experience developing a space, a project, or a house that has an impact on their society. Whether it is something that is consciously by design or happens by itself, we want to know the reason why they’re making that project. The result of this conversation is something that is beyond our expectations, ranging from the relation between humans, concern for the environment, and how to make an improvement with others. I guess there are still many things that we need to learn from each other.