Platform & Collaboration

内田友紀(Yuki Uchida) / make:fUKUI / XSCHOOL
三尾康明(Yasuaki Mio) / ななめな学校
森脇千種(Moriwaki Chiaki)/ 代官山ティーンズクリエイティブ
岡 磨理絵Marie Oka)/ 代官山ティーンズクリエイティブ 
上田假奈代(Kanayo Ueda) / NPO法人こえとことばとこころの部屋cocoroom
中脇健児(Kenji Nakawaki) / 場とコトLAB(モデレーター)

This is the first session with domestic guest speakers and we got some help from our friend Nakawaki-san to moderate the session. For this topic, we invite several individuals that have experience working on a platform that involves collaborating with people. After each speaker shared about their activities, we continue the conversation to dig more about the context of using art as a tool for collaboration. What is the benefit of it? What was the challenge they’re facing as an institution? At last, we talked about how art can bring an abundance of positive impact to someone’s life.